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Things are really getting ugly at the Las Vegas Willow Creek Assisted Living facilities. We've learned about a suicide there; not of a resident, but of the nephew of Managing Member Donald Herman.

It's tragic, made even more so when you understand how it happened. Donald Herman is a collector of weapons of all sorts. He carries a number of high-powered pistols in his backpack (along with powerful narcotics, such as Dilaudid).

He had an AR-15 assault rifle, which he gave to his nephew. His nephew used that rifle to commit suicide.


Let's add this tragedy to the recent resignation of Willow Creek's president of operations and the head of marketing as a result of Donald Herman's misappropriation of funds as well as other shady, questionable business practices.

We know a lady who knows a thing or two about all this. She's Donald Herman's ex-fiancee. She and her family invested millions in Willow Creek, overseen by Donald Herman. They poured their own family treasure into Willow Creek to try to help make it a success for Julie's former fiancee.

But things just keep piling up there.

You've got a Managing Member at Willow Creek, Las Vegas, Donald Herman, who has been involved in a financial scandal that has resulted in the resignations of two top officials there, who collects high-powered weapons, abuses prescription drugs, throws money away on guns, ATVs and matching Lexus's, who got locked up for 72 hours (under Nevada's L2K provision) after he was found passed out in his home by a family member and another high-ranking employee at Willow Creek because they were so worried about the state of his mental health.


There are other assisted living facilities in Las Vegas. do you really want your family member, your loved one, placed in a facility like Willow Creek with all this dangerous activity taking place in the background? Be careful. Beware. And be smart. Do your homework first and look into this stuff for yourself. And for the sake of your family.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #743850

I don't know Don Herman personally but I can attest having a parent in this facility for quite sometime it entailed a lot of issues. A lot of medication mismanagement endangering life of the resident.

Extreme level of abuse of management treating caregivers disrespectfully. Disgruntled

ex-employees yes, plenty of them. Some are pissed off due to not being able continue there mismanagement of meds/abuse of other employees and other excellent ex-employees leaving due to the abuse and unsafe practices. High turnover in care givers, med techs, marketing dept.

and nurses to manage medication disbursement. Food excellent, activities for seniors top notch.

Floor plans in rooms best in town. If you have a parent that need any level of care requiring medications I would run as far away as you can from the facility.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #733518

Donald Herman Is An Honorable Man! Willow Creek Assisted Living Is Awesome! A great community serving the Las Vegas Valley for many years now. A top notch facility with the nicest staff around. Willow Creek and Donald Herman are a class act! If you have a loved one who needs care later in life, look no further! Donald Herman Operates with integrity and class.

I would recommend this community to any senior citizen.

Sad that some employee that could not do their job correctly retaliated in this fashion. It's happening more and more in America.

to A Happy Customer #828110

Don Herman is a pill head, a liar and a crook. That is my experience.


The contents of the malicious and defamatory statements posted on this website have come to the attention of the Willow Creek management. Willow Creek takes theses malicious and defamatory statements extremely seriously and has instituted an investigation that is ongoing.

These malicious and defamatory statements were posted by disgruntled former employees that were recently terminated for cause from Willow Creek. The defamation of Willow Creek, and the invasion of privacy of its employees is being investigated by the appropriate authorities and the appropriate legal action will be taken.

Willow Creek strives to have the highest performance standards and customer service available to its clients and patients in the Las Vegas area.

Please call our corporate office if you have any further questions.

to re: Willow Creek #630610

As a senior citizen looking into an assisted living retirement community, I find this story very disturbing, especially since none of the allegations were denied. Willow Creek is a family operated facility, therefore, I believe the "family" should have an impeccable reputation.

You see, trouble trickles down from the top. I would not want to take the risk.


Of course the ex-fiancee' is completely honest about all of this and telling 100% truth.

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